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Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab: Book A Reservation

Booking the Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab at MUSC Library Using 25Live Classroom Scheduling

Faculty members at MUSC can easily book the Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab room for teaching, research, or workshop sessions through the university's 25Live Classroom Scheduling system. Follow these simple steps to make your reservation:

  1. Follow the General Instructions for using 25Live Classroom Scheduling.
  2. Instead of choosing "Centrally Scheduled Rooms" from the drop down menu. Choose "Virtual Anatomy" to see the VR Lab ECL 109 options.

That's it! Booking the Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab at MUSC Library through 25Live Classroom Scheduling is a user-friendly process that allows faculty to utilize this cutting-edge facility for various educational and research purposes.

Please note that the actual process may vary, and you should always refer to the MUSC Library website for the most current and official booking instructions.

Book a Reservation in the Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab