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Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab at MUSC

The Medical University of South Carolina opens its doors to the world of VR and AR, offering access to cutting-edge equipment and dedicated spaces designed specifically for training and education. These resources are at your disposal for research, instruction, development, and educational exploration. Join us in reshaping the future of training and education through our VR and AR facilities.

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Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab at the Medical University of South Carolina

Embark on an educational journey like no other at the Medical University of South Carolina's cutting-edge Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab. Our world-class Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies provide a unique and immersive platform for students and researchers to explore and learn.

VH Dissector XR

Screenshot of VH Dissector XR

Step into the realm of augmented reality and virtual reality with Varjo Aero, offering high-quality, detailed visualizations of real anatomical structures in their true-to-life contexts. This technology is tailored for those engaged in detailed anatomical exploration and research, especially within the domains of anatomy labs and surgical training and simulation centers.

VH Dissector VR

Screenshot of VH Dissector VR

Our fully immersive VR environment is designed to facilitate in-depth examination of actual anatomical structures and curriculum content. With a range of hardware options to suit diverse needs, this space is crafted for individuals dedicated to the study of anatomy, where fidelity and anatomical detail are of utmost importance.

VH Dissector AR

Screenshot of VH Dissector AR

For enthusiasts of augmented reality, our lab utilizes Varjo Aero to seamlessly project virtual elements into real-world environments, fostering in-context study and discussion of gross anatomical concepts. This lightweight and untethered technology is perfect for mobile access, prioritizing convenience and in-context visualization without compromising educational value.

Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab Training

Faculty Only - NetID required

At the Medical University of South Carolina, our Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab is exclusively dedicated to educational purposes. It provides a conducive environment for students and researchers to delve into high-fidelity anatomical exploration, immersive study, and in-context visualization and discussion. Explore the future of education and research in our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab.

VH Dissector XR VR AR screens