MUSC Library Classroom Use and Scheduling Policy

Scheduled rooms within the MUSC Library are used to support the mission of the University, to include academic courses and events, training sessions, and institutionally supported meetings. The Library’s Learning Commons and Systems departments provide technical, audio visual (AV), and scheduling support for rooms under the auspices of the MUSC Library. Classroom availability and scheduling is handled via LibCal at

Prioritization for Use

Because the only computer classrooms on campus reside within the Library, prioritization by purpose of use is required for everyone within the MUSC enterprise. Priority order:

  1. Library instruction sessions and meetings
  2. Classes with official university course numbers assigned through the Registrar’s Office (including exams). See Scheduling Dates below.
  3. Academic events, training, and conferences.
    • First priority: Graduate Medical Education, and other colleges’ Residents, Post Docs and Fellows
    • Second priority: Academic training sessions, colleges’ academic organizations and student organizations
  4. All other enterprise sponsored general meetings, training and events

Scheduling Dates (approximate date range)

Other classroom requests may be submitted after the dates indicated for each semester and will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

Personnel Who May Schedule a Classroom

Medical University of South Carolina faculty and staff are authorized to request classrooms via the LibCal scheduling system.

Rules for Room Usage

To ensure appropriate use and access of space, the standards below are applied for all Library classrooms:

  1. Respect MUSC physical space and property in these rooms in terms of noise and cleanliness.
  2. Maintain good order and consideration for those using adjacent spaces as well as groups that follow your event.
  3. Responsible party must check in with staff at the 4th floor information desk upon arrival, and upon completion of use of the classroom.
  4. To accommodate academic schedules, all scheduled events must vacate a room 10 minutes prior to the half hour that the event was scheduled. (Example: if an event was booked until 4:00 PM, the room must be vacated by 3:50 PM. If an event ends at 4:30 PM, the room must be vacated by 4:20 PM.)
  5. Food and beverages are NOT permitted in Library classrooms under any circumstances. Users violating this rule will be assessed a cleaning fee of $100. Any equipment that may be damaged will be fined at replacement cost.
  6. Cancellations are requested at least 24 hours in advance.
  7. More than 2 no-show, no-cancellation bookings results in forfeiting use of the Library’s classrooms.

Classroom Support

Technical, AV, and scheduling support is available Monday-Friday from 7a – 5p. For assistance, contact staff at the Information Desk on the 4th floor of the Library, or call 843-792-2381

This policy is written to correspond with the MUSC Classroom and Scheduling Policy. It has been adjusted to reflect the different setting and options of the Library’s classrooms.