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Service Offered Department/Contact Phone (area code 843) Fax (area code 843)
General Information Service Desk, 4th floor 792-2381  
Reference Questions
Library Tours and classes
Expert literature searches; consultations

Public Services & Education


792-2381 792-3534
Circulation questions
Service Desk, 2nd floor 792-2371  
Assistance with library computers
Audio-visual Reserves
Circulation questions
ILL pickups
Book and Article Reserves
Service Desk, 4th floor 792-2381  
Obtaining books or articles
from other libraries
Geraldine Singleton 792-1943 792-7947
Suggestions for the collection
Questions about collection policy
Donations (book, journal, video, etc.)
Jean Gudenas, Director of Information Resources and Collection Services 792-8309 792-7947
Information for accreditation
Library statistics
Library building questions
Library contract & grant information
Administration 792-9211 792-4900
Historical Collections
MUSC History
Waring Library 792-2288 792-8619