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Avendano C. E., Flume P. A., Baliga P., Lewin D. N., Strange C., Reuben A.. Hepatopulmonary syndrome occurring after orthotopic liver transplantation. Liver Transplantation 2001; 7 (12):1081-1084.
Ayasolla K., Khan M., Singh I.. Nitric-oxide (NO) mediated reduction of C6 glial-cell apoptosis to hygdrogen-peroxide stress (meeting abstract). Journal of Neurochemistry 2001; 78 (S1):91.
Azrin N. H., Donohue B., Teichner G. A., Crum T., Howell J., DeCato L. A.. A controlled evaluation and description of individual-cognitive problem solving and family-behavior therapies in dually-diagnosed conduct-disordered and substance-dependent youth. Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse 2001; 11 (1):1-43.
Baatz J. E., Zou Y., Cox J. T., Wang Z. D., Notter R. H.. High-yield purification of lung surfactant proteins SP-B and SP-C and the effects on surface activity. Protein Expression & Purification 2001; 23 (1):180-190.
Baatz J. E., Zou Y., Korfhagen T. R.. Inhibitory effects of tumor necrosis factor-alpha on cationic lipid-mediated gene delivery to airway cells in vitro. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Molecular Basis of Disease 2001; 14 (2):100-109.
Babaian R. J., Zhang Z.. Computer-assisted diagnostics: Application to prostate cancer. Molecular Urology 2001; 5 (4):175-180.
Back S. E., Dansky B. S., Carroll K. M., Foa E. B., Brady K. T.. Exposure therapy in the treatment of PTSD among cocaine-dependent individuals: description of procedures. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2001; 21 (1):35-45.
Badenhop-Stevens N.E., Alexandritis R., Landoll J.D., Ha E.J., Mobley S.L., Hollis B., Nagode L., Goel P., Matkovic V.. Threshold of serum vitamin-D in young females (meeting abstract). Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2001; 16 (S1):S433.
Bae S. S., Choi J. H., Oh Y. S., Perry D. K., Ryu S. H., Suh P. G.. Proteolytic cleavage of epidermal growth factor receptor by caspases. FEBS Letters 2001; 491 (1-2):16-20.
Bagnasco S. M., Janech M. J., Karakashian A., Peng T., Klein J. D.. Cloning and characterization of the human UT-A1 area transporter (meeting abstract). FASEB Journal 2001; 15 (5):A852.
Bagnasco S. M., Peng T., Janech M. G., Karakashian A., Sands J. M.. Cloning and characterization of the human urea transporter UT-A1 and mapping of the human Slc14a2 gene. American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 2001; 281 (3):F400-F406.
Bahadori H. R., Green M. R., Catapano C. V.. Synergistic interaction between topotecan and microtubule-interfering agents. Cancer Chemotherapy & Pharmacology 2001; 48 (3):188-196.
Bak A.W., Perini R.F., Muscara M., Cotton P.B., Hawes R. H., J.L. Wallace.. An endoscopic animal model of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Gastroenterology 2001; 120 (5):2000.
Bakris G., Calhoun D., Egan B., Hellmann C., Kingma I.. Effect of orlistat in overweight or obese patients with treated but inadequately controlled diastolic hypertension (meeting abstract). Obesity Research 2001; 9 (S3):S188.
Balashov S. P., Lu M., Menick D. R., Ebrey T. G., Crouch R. K., Chen Y.. The pH dependence of the rate constant of light-induced proton uptake by bacteriorhodopsin (meeting abstract). Biophysical Journal 2001; 80 (1):2727.
Ball L.E., Nowak M.W., Crouch R.K., Schey K.L.. The water channel activity of modified human MIP (meeting abstract). Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2001; 42 (4):4699.
Ballenger J. C.. Treatment of anxiety disorders to remission. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 12):5-9.
Ballenger J. C.. Overview of different pharmacotherapies for attaining remission in generalized anxiety disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 19):11-19.
Ballenger J. C., Davidson J. R. T., Lecrubier Y., Nutt D. J., Borkovec T. D., Rickels K., Stein D. J., Wittchen H. U.. Consensus statement on generalized anxiety disorder from the international consensus group on depression and anxiety. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 11):53-58.
Ballenger J. C., Davidson J. R. T., Lecrubier Y., Nutt D. J., Jones R. D., Berard R. M. F.. Consensus statement on depression, anxiety, and oncology. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 8):64-67.
Ballenger J. C., Davidson J. R. T., Lecrubier Y., Nutt D. J., Kirmayer L. J., Lepine J. P., Lin K. M., Tajima O., Ono Y.. Consensus statement on transcultural issues in depression and anxiety from the International Consensus Group on Depression and Anxiety. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 13):47-55.
Ballenger J. C., Davidson J. R. T., Lecrubier Y., Nutt D. J., Lydiard R. B., Mayer E. A.. Consensus statement on depression, anxiety, and functional gastrointestinal disorders. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 8):48-51.
Ballenger J. C., Davidson J. R. T., Lecrubier Y., Nutt D. J., Roose S. P., Sheps D. S.. Consensus statement on depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular disease. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2001; 62 (Suppl 8):24-27.
Barbieri R., Parati G., Saul J. P.. Closed-versus open-loop assessment of heart rate baroreflex. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 2001; 20 (2):33-42.
Barclay J. R., Doll B.. Early prospective studies of the high school dropout. School Psychology Quarterly 2001; 16 (4):357-369.
Barillo D. J., Arabitg R., Cancio L. C., Goodwin C. W.. Distant pedicle flaps for soft tissue coverage of severely burned hands: an old idea revisited. Burns 2001; 27 (6):613-619.
Barlow G. M., Chen X. N., Shi Z. Y., Lyons G. E., Kurnit D. M., Celle L., Spinner N. B., Zackai E., Pettenati M. J., Van Riper A. J., Vekemans M. J., Mjaatvedt C. H., Korenberg J. R.. Down syndrome congenital heart disease: A narrowed region and a candidate gene. Genetics in Medicine 2001; 3 (2):91-101.
Barth J. L., Argraves W. S.. Cubilin and megalin: Partners in lipoprotein and vitamin metabolism. Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine 2001; 11 (1):26-31.
Barth J.L., Chintala M.R., Wilmer M., Argraves W.S.. Endocytosis of HDL by the megalin/cubilin receptor complex is regulated by calcium-sensitive signaling mechanisms (meeting abstract). Molecular Biology of the Cell 2001; 12 (S):488.
Barzilay J. I., Jones C. L., Davis B. R., Basile J. N., Goff D. C., Ciocon J. O., Sweeney M. E., Randall O. S.. Baseline characteristics of the diabetic participants in the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT). Diabetes Care 2001; 24 (4):654-658.
Basco W. T., Gilbert G. E., Blue A. V.. Assessing admission criteria - In reply. Academic Medicine 2001; 76 (2):108.
Basco W. T., Gilbert G. E., Blue A. V.. Estimating the pre-interview rankings of underrepresented minority applicants when ethnicity is not considered in the admission process. Academic Medicine 2001; 76 (10 Suppl S):S55-S57.
Basco W. T., Reigart J. R.. When do medical students identify career-influencing physician role models?. Academic Medicine 2001; 76 (4):380-382.
Basile J.. New strategies for improving heart failure management: A primary care perspective. Southern Medical Journal 2001; 94 (2):166-174.
Basile J. N.. Hypertension 2001: How will JNC VII be different from JNC VI?. Southern Medical Journal 2001; 94 (9):889-890.
Basile J. N.. Hypertension 2001: Pearls for the clinician. Southern Medical Journal 2001; 94 (11):1054-1057.
Baughman R. P., Teirstein A. S., Judson M. A., Rossman M. D., Yeager H., Bresnitz E. A., DePalo L., Hunninghake G., Iannuzzi M. C., Johns C. J., McLennan G., Moller D. R., Newman L. S., Rabin D. L., Rose C., Rybicki B., Weinberger S. E., Terrin M. L., Knatterud G. L., Cherniak R.. Clinical characteristics of patients in a case control study of sarcoidosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2001; 164 (10):1885-1889.
Baum M. A., Stablein D. M., Panzarino V. M., Tejani A., Harmon W. E., Alexander S. R.. Loss of living donor renal allograft survival advantage in children with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Kidney International 2001; 59 (1):328-333.
Baumann M. H., Strange C., Heffner J. E.. Pneumothorax - What's wrong with simple aspiration?. Chest 2001; 120 (3):1041-1042.
Baumann M. H., Strange C., Heffner J. E., Light R., Kirby T. J., Klein J., Luketich J. D., Panacek E. A., Sahn S. A.. Management of spontaneous pneumothorax - An American College of Chest Physicians Delphi Consensus Statement. Chest 2001; 119 (2):590-602.
Bechtold K. T., Horner M. D., Labbate L. A., Windham W. K.. The construct validity and clinical utility of the Frank Jones story as a brief screening measure of cognitive dysfunction. Psychosomatics 2001; 42 (2):146-149.
Belar C. D., Brown R. A., Hersch L. E., Hornyak L. M., Rozensky R. H., Sheridan E. P., Brown R. T., Reed G. W.. Self-assessment in clinical health psychology: A model for ethical expansion of practice. Professional Psychology - Research & Practice 2001; 32 (2):135-141.
Bell N. H., Morrison N. A., Nguyen T. V., Eisman J., Hollis B. W.. ApaI polymorphisms of the vitamin D receptor predict bone density of the lumbar spine and not racial difference in bone density in young men. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 2001; 137 (2):133-140.
Bell N. H., Williamson B. T., Hollis B. W., Riggs B. L.. Effects of race on diurnal patterns of renal conservation of calcium and bone resorption in premenopausal women. Osteoporosis International 2001; 12 (1):43-48.
Benedict S., Cole D. J., Baron L., Baron P.. Factors influencing choice between mastectomy and lumpectomy for women in the Carolinas. Journal of Surgical Oncology 2001; 76 (1):6-12.
Bennett A. T., Collins K. A.. Elderly suicide - A 10-year retrospective study. American Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology 2001; 22 (2):169-172.
Bernard M. L., Peterson Y. K., Chung P., Jourdan J., Lanier S. M.. Selective interaction of AGS3 with G-proteins and the influence of AGS3 on the activation state of G-proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001; 276 (2):1585-1593.
Bickford P. C., Bowenkamp K., Taglialatela G., Hoertig G., Granholm A. C.. GDNF improves cerebellar Purkinje neuron function in aged F344 rats. Microscopy Research & Technique 2001; 54 (5):309-316.
Bielawska A., Perry D. K., Hannun Y. A.. Determination of ceramides and diglycerides by the diglyceride kinase assay. Analytical Biochemistry 2001; 298 (2):141-150.
Binks M., O'Neil P.M., Martin C.K.. Use of a single item to assess binge eating (meeting abstract). Obesity Research 2001; 9 (S3):S129.

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