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When signing on from off campus, I accidentally chose a school other than MUSC and I can't get back to change it. How can I reset and choose MUSC as my school?

Try clearing your cookies. You can clear them all or search for the specific InCommon cookie and delete that one.

Why am I being prompted to enter a password or a credit card number when I try to access my article?

In most cases, this means that MUSC Library does not have access rights to the article. Each of our eJournals has a specified start date and end date for full text availability. In many cases, we have access to all of the full text content available for a journal. In others, there may be an embargo imposed on access to articles from the most recent issues, or restricted access to older volumes.

Why am I getting a message that our subscription has expired?

In most cases, this means that MUSC Library does not currently have access rights to the journal. We may have at one time had a subscription to the journal that we have since canceled. Check the MUSC Library Catalog or the eJournals & eBooks page to see if we have a current subscription to the journal.

I am entering the special username and password required for the journal, why can't I get in?

First, double-check the information you are entering. Many passwords are case sensitive. Be sure and enter the username and password exactly as they are given. Another possibility is that only a certain number of patrons are permitted to log-in at one time (sometimes it may be only one). If our username and password are already in use, you may be denied access. Try again after a reasonable amount of time has passed (e.g. 15 min.). If access is still denied either contact the Library Reference Desk at 792-2372 or submit an eJournal Problem Report at: Submit a Resource Problem Report

Why can't I access my journal from Off Campus?

Some publishers impose license restrictions that only permit us to have access from On Campus. In a few cases, there may also be technical issues that prevent us from providing off campus access.

Why isn't my journal available electronically?

There are a number of possible explanations:

a. The journal may not be available in electronic format.
b. Institutional online access may not be allowed. Access to the online version may be confined to individual subscribers.
c. The cost of the online version may be prohibitively high.
d. We may be unable to accommodate the publisher's technical restrictions for online access.

Why do we have access to non-medical journals like Cement and Concrete Research?

Many of the eJournals to which we have access come bundled in packages created by the publisher. These packages allow us to gain access to a large number of medical journals at a discount, but they also often include titles that we don't want or need. A good analogy to this is your Cable Television package. Your package comes with ESPN and HGTV. You may watch one often and never look at the other, but you have both in either case because they are packaged together.

What if our Library doesn't have the article I need?

You may request the article through Interlibrary Loan. We will be happy to obtain a copy of the article for you from another library. Basic ILL service is free of charge. You may request an interlibrary loan online at: MUSC Document Delivery

How can I get a list of journal titles in my subject area?

You can identify journal titles in your subject area by using either the Keyword Search or Medical Subject Search function in the MUSC Library Catalog. For assistance finding journal titles by subject, please contact the Library Reference Desk at 843-792-2372.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please either contact the Library Reference Desk at 843-792-2372 or submit an Submit a Resource Problem Report.