Loansome Doc

What is Loansome Doc?
Loansome Doc is an ordering system that allows users to request the full-text of articles* indexed in PubMed.
Read more about Loansome Doc at the National Library of Medicine web site.

Who can use Loansome Doc?
Anyone located within the State of South Carolina may use this service*. MUSC Alumni Association members, Individuals, Non-MUSC Healthcare providers, and Businesses are the primary users of Loansome Doc.

* Note: Any active MUSC Alumni Association member may use this service regardless of location.

What is the cost?

How does it work?
Do your search in PubMed. Select the citations for articles that you want by clicking the check box to the left of each citation. When you have finished marking your selections, click the "Order Documents" button, or save your selections to the Locker by clicking "Put in Locker" on the Gateway Results page. Loansome Doc requests will be forwarded from PubMed to the Medical University of South Carolina Library. Requests for items not available in the MUSC Library will be forwarded to another health sciences library.

What must I do to be able to use this service?
Register using the Loansome Doc Registration Form. This form that must be completed to start the service. Once you submit the registration form, the library will provide you with the unique library identifier (LIBID) that you need to order documents.

* Note: The full-text of articles for some journals are available via a link to the publisher's Web site from the PubMed Abstract or Citation display. If you see "LinkOut" on a citation, click on this feature for additional options.

For more information, please contact Geraldine Singleton at 792-1943.