Equipment Lending

Equipment Lending offers new electronic devices to check out to MUSC students, faculty, and staff. The devices that are available for check out are the following: iPad Mini, iPad Air, Kindle 3 and 4 e-book reader, 10 mega-pixel digital camera, Flip video camcorder, Microsoft Surface, Chromebooks, MacBook Air, Chargers, and Adapters. These items can be checked out at the fourth floor service desk.


Item Type Check If Available Checkout Time Period
iPad 2 Check Availability 7 Days
iPad Air 2 Check Availability 7 Days
iPad Mini Check Availability 7 Days
Amazon Kindle 2 Check Availability 7 Days
Canon PowerShot SD770 Digital Camera Check Availability 7 days
Flip Ultra Video Camcorder Check Availability 7 days
Microsoft Surface n/a 6 hours
ChromeBooks n/a 6 hours
MacBook Air Check Availability 6 hours
Laptop Chargers n/a 6 hours
Phone Chargers n/a 6 hours

Circulation Information