Drug Information

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Lexicomp Online
Lexi-Comp covers point-of-care drug information, including drug interactions and drug identification. Full text. Provided by the MUSC Library.
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AccessPharmacy provides an online curricular resource for pharmacy education, including over 20 online textbooks, case studies, lab tests, calculators, videos, and exam review questions.
MedlinePlus: Herbs and Supplements
from MEDLINE Plus,consists of MedMasterô from the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists and a subset of the Natural Standard Herbs and Supplements.
Electronic Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Evaluations
Orange Book identifies drugs on the market that have been approved on the basis of safety and efficacy requirements instituted in 1962. Although the bioequivalence ratings are not binding under generic substitution laws, its primary purpose is to provide information to states regarding generic drugs as acceptable as candidates for substitution formularies.
Drug Identifier from MUSCHealth
(MUSC Drug Information)
Allows one to search for drugs by a specific color, shape, and/or marking. A picture of drugs meeting the criteria are displayed.
Covers drugs to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed. Full text. Available from the National Library of Medicine via TOXNET.
RxList, the internet drug index
Martindale's Virtual Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology Center
MUSC only
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database provides unbiased, clinical data on approximately 90,000 herbal products, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic medicines, complementary alternative medicines, integrative therapies, alternative treatment modalities (e.g., acupuncture), traditional Chinese medicines (fixed combination) products, and other natural remedies. It is made available by MUSC Pharmacy Services.