Emergency Medicine & Trauma

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Database
This site includes abstracts of articles, practice guidelines, useful tools, and links to organizations and conferences.
Emergency First Aid
(University of Iowa)
A case study approach to emergency first aid. Graphics and text descriptions of common procedures used in emergency settings.
An educational site which includes x-rays and discussions of cases.
Fracture and Dislocation Compendium
From the Orthopaedic Trauma Association, these materials are in PDF format.
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This site presents a variety of resources for trauma professionals. It includes case presentations, a mailing list, an image bank and web links.
Emergency Nursing World
This site provides brief articles on various aspects of emergency care from the nursing and allied health perspectives. It also includes extensive links to other useful sites.
Injury Control Resource Information Network
This site provides links to resources on injury research and control.
Toxikon Multimedia Project
This site is presented by a consortium of Cook County Hospital, the University of Illinois Hospital and Rush Medical Center, Chicago. It includes toxicology cases, lectures and a list of antidotes to common poisons.