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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics
(AccessMedicine, Dawson & Trapp)
Bioinformatics in Tropical Disease Research: A Practical and Case-Study Approach
(NCBI Bookshelf, Gruber et al.)
Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology
(NCBI Bookshelf)
HSTAT; AHRQ Evidence Reports, Number 132
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Encyclopedia of Population
(Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Provides links to free online computerbooks and documentation. Links to over 100 books.
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Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
(Gale Virtual Reference Library)
Health, United States, 1975-
MUSC only
Medical Epidemiology
(AccessMedicine, Greenberg et al.)
MedicalStudent.com's Medical Textbooks
Medical textbooks and other e-texts on subjects from Anatomy to Wilderness Medicine. Some are collections of articles written specifically as an e-text; others are older editions of standard texts such as the 1917 ed. of Gray's Anatomy.
NCBI C++ Toolkit
(NCBI Bookshelf, Vakatov, Siyan, Ostell)
Sequence-Evolution-Function: Computational Approachs in Comparative Genomics
(NCBI Bookshelf, Koonin & Galperin)