Definition of Pain and Distress and Reporting Requirements for Laboratory Animals
Gene Reviews
(NCBI Bookshelf)
Genes and Disease
(NCBI Bookshelf)
Genes and Disease
(NCBI Bookshelf)
Genetics for Surgeons
(NCBI Bookshelf, Morrison PJ & Spence AJ)
(NCBI Bookshelf, Brown)
Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
Human ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Superfamily
(NCBI Bookshelf, Dean)
Human Molecular Genetics
(NCBI Bookshelf, Strachan & Read)
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 7th edition
(NCBI Bookshelf, Griffiths et al.)
KIR Gene Cluster, The
(NCBI Bookshelf, Carrington & Norman)
Mapping Protein/DNA Interactions by Cross-linking
(NCBI Bookshelf)
From the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, 2001.
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Metagenomics, sequences from the environment
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NCBI Handbook, The
(NCBI Bookshelf, National Library of Medicine, The)
Sequence-Evolution-Function: Computational Approachs in Comparative Genomics
(NCBI Bookshelf, Koonin & Galperin)