History of the Health Sciences

A Collection of Sites in the History of Biomedicine
A detailed list of links on the history of the health sciences including libraries, museums and special collections.
American Association for the History of Nursing (AAHN)
Brought to Life - Museum
(Science Museum, London)
\'Brought to Life\', is a website provided by the Science Museum, London. It offers access to images of thousands of fascinating objects from the Museumís great medical collections.
Dental Cosmos
The journal Dental Cosmos was the first enduring national journal for the American dental profession, and one of the most significant in the early history of American dentistry. Covers the history of dentistry from 1859-1936.
Dream Anatomy
A web exhibit, drawn mainly from the collections of the National Library of Medicine, Dream Anatomy shows off the anatomical imagination in some of its most astonishing incarnations, from 1500 to the present.
History of Biomedicine
Virtual Encyclopedia of medical history from the ancient Greeks to the 21st century, and includes sections on other cultures such as China.
History of the Health Sciences
A meta-list of links collected by The Medical Library Association special interest section.
IHM - Images from the History of Medicine
(National Library of Medicine)
The Images from the History of Medicine database provides access to the prints and photograph collection of the History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine. The collection includes portraits, pictures of institutions, caricatures, genre scenes, posters and graphic art in a variety of media, illustrating the social and historical aspects of medicine
The History of Vaccines
(The College of Physicians of Philadelphia)
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia has created The History of Vaccines to provide a living, changing chronicle of the compelling history of vaccination, from pre-Jennerian variolation practices, to the defeat of polio in the Western Hemisphere, to cutting-edge approaches to novel vaccines and vaccine delivery.
Medical History (Journal)
(Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at University College London)
Fulltext access to articles from 1957 to present of the prestigious journal Medical History
The gateway to history of medicine resources on the Internet, a site put together by the Wellcome Library. MedHist offers free access to a searchable catalogue of Internet sites and resources covering the history of medicine.
Waring Historical Library and Archives