Acute Stroke: Evaluation and Treatment
(NCBI Bookshelf)
HSTAT; AHQR Evidence Report, Number 127
MUSC only
Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology
(AccessMedicine, Ropper & Brown)
Basic Neurochemistry: molecular, cellular and medical aspects
(NCBI Bookshelf, Siegel)
MUSC only
Bradley's Neurology in Clinical Practice
(ClinicalKey, Daroff)
MUSC only
Clinical Neuroanatomy
(AccessMedicine, Waxman)
MUSC only
Clinical Neurology
(AccessMedicine, Aminoff, Greenberg & Simon)
Fabry Disease
(NCBI Bookshelf, Mehta, Beck, Sunder-Plassmann, editors)
Imitators of Epilepsy
(NCBI Bookshelf, Kaplan & Fisher)
An Introduction to Epilepsy
(NCBI Bookshelf, Bromfield, Cavazos & Sirven)
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Neuroscience, 2nd edition
(NCBI Bookshelf, Purves et al.)
Parkinson's Disease: Diagnosis and Clinical Management
(NCBI Bookshelf, Factor & Weiner)
Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice
(NCBI Bookshelf, Lin et al)