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Covers consumer health, emergencies, and first aid. Mostly full text. Provided by the WebMD Network.
Facts for Families
from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
from the American Academy of Family Physicians
Health Finder
from the Office of Disease Preventon & Helath Promotion
Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives
(American Psychiatric Association)
Mayo Clinic: Health and Medical Information
Senior Care Resources
The goal of this resource is to provide consumers with free online access to quality senior care information. A dedicated site for providing reliable senior care information on the topics of home health care, assisted living, care providers, hospice, reviews, answers to questions, and the ability to ask questions via a senior blog.
USP-Verified Dietary Supplements
The USP DSV Program is a voluntary testing and auditing program that helps dietary supplement manufacturers ensure the production of quality products for consumers. Available worldwide, the program verifies the quality, purity, and potency of dietary supplement finished products through the following processes: a. comprehensive laboratory testing of dietary supplement products and their ingredients against dietary supplement standards found in The United States Pharmacopeia and The National Formulary (USP–NF) b. a thorough manufacturing and quality control document review c. an on-site manufacturing facility audit for compliance with USP standards and FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices d. random off-the-shelf testing to confirm that USP Verified products continue to meet USP\'s strict standards
X-Ray Risks
(MUSC) is an educational website that focuses on estimating the risk of cancer from medical imaging. One of the site’s main features is a web based calculator that allows users to track their imaging history and estimate their personal risk.
Treatment Tracker
Medicare recently released, for the first time, details on 2012 payments to individual doctors and other health professionals serving the 46 million seniors and disabled in its Part B program. Part B covers services as varied as office visits, ambulance mileage, lab tests, and the doctor’s fee for open-heart surgery. Use this tool to find and compare providers.