HIDE - Copyright

Information Policies: A compilation of Position Statements, Principles, Statutes, and Other Pertinent Statements
From the Coalition for Networked Information, this site provides and overview of guidelines for interlibrary loan photocopying.
Copyright & Fair Use
This site covers all aspects of copyright, including website permisssions and fair use. It is provided by the Stanford University Libraries.
Crash Course in Copyright
This tutorial provides information about all aspects of copyright including digital issues and distance education.
Honor Web Artists
This site provides links dealing with the use of images, bandwith and thievery when using material found on the web.
AU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan (ILL) & Copyright Guidelines
From Auburn University Libraries
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Paris Text 1971)
Medical Library Association Copyright Management Guidelines
Guidelines to assist librarians in responding to requests for help in interpreting copyright law and fair use guidelines. "The focus of these guidelines is primarily on copying of paper materials, but the basic principles also apply to reproduction of digital materials. MLA Copyright Management Guidelines is intended as a practical guide and should not be used in place of sound legal advice."
Thinking about linking : Can law accomodate the power of the Internet to share information?
This article by Bradley J. Hillis addresses issues of linking and framing in the context of copyright law.
When U.S. Works Pass Into the Public Domain
This site provides a chart outlining when works pass into the public domain.
U. S. Copyright Office