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Human Anatomy Online
Legally purchased under license from Gold Standard Multimedia by the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (College of Health Professions), this interactive tutorial and reference on human anatomy has been posted on Edweb through a collaboration between Dr. Thierry Bacro, now in the Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy (College of Medicine) and the MUSC Library. This site works best if your screen resolution is 800 x 600 pixels (superVGA) or higher.
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NetAnatomy is an online anatomy resource provided by the MUSC Library for students and faculty of every college. It contains images and information in three areas: Radiographic Anatomy, Cross Sectional Anatomy, and Gross Anatomy. Faculty, students and staff of MUSC are authorized users of this resource, and as such may use its images, properly cited, for noncommercial, instituion-sanctioned purposes.
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3D Human Anatomy & Physiology (Anatomy.TV)
Anatomy & Physiology Online includes 19 comprehensive modules on the human body encompassing 3D anatomy and new integrated physiology content. Interactive 3D anatomy views allow you to engage with the 3D model using intuitive functions to rotate, add or remove anatomy and identify and learn more about any visible structure. Each module has case studies, giving real medical context and relevance, as well as a dedicated section on aging. One can test their knowledge with the interactive quizzes at the end of each section.
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Clinical Neuroanatomy
(AccessMedicine, Waxman)
Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases