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Clinical Tools

Patient Care Orders [+]
Radiology [+]
SIMONWeb Paging
PICU Web Site
Drug drips
Trauma Book
Pediatric Ultrasound Request
Resident Guide to Inpatient Diabetes

Clinical Forms

Note Templates [+]
Consent Forms [+]
Spanish Consent Forms [+]
Central Line Note & Checklist MUSC only
Time Out
Radiology Request for System Down-time
EEG/EMG/Neurovascular Request Form
MUSC Clinical Forms
MRI Screening Form

Resident Corner

PICU Orientation
PICU Rounds
PICU Reading List
PICU Post-op Management
Resident Checkout MUSC only
E*Value MUSC only
Amion Physician Scheduling
Pediatric Residency Website
PICU Milestones Evaluation

Drug Information

Lexicomp Online MUSC only
DynaMed MUSC only
Accepted Drugs
Pharmacy Guidelines
Pediatric Emergency Drug Sheet
PICU Drugs Cheat Sheet
Pediatric Continuous Infusion Guidelines
Pediatric Delirium Treatment
Epi for Anaphylaxis

Policies & Guidelines

Policies [+]
Guidelines [+]

Clinical Collections

UpToDate MUSC only
DynaMed MUSC only
Cochrane Library MUSC only
Red Book MUSC only
Procedures Consult MUSC only
ClinicalKey MUSC only

Critical Care Resources

Ventilator Sim
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Society of Critical Care Medicine
American Academy of Pediatrics


Children's Hospital Phone and Pager numbers
Local Clinics & Pediatricians
MUSC Pediatric Clinics
Radiology Phone Numbers

eJournals & Databases

MUSC Library
eJournals & eBooks
Pediatrics MUSC only
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Critical Care Medicine MUSC only

Nursing Corner

Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Website
Pediatric Critical Care Nursing Orientation Resources


Cisco TelePresence Video System
Cisco Telepresence VX Clinical Assistant
Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.6 User Guide for Mac OS X
Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence 4.6 User Guide for Windows
MUSC Pediatrcic ED Telemedicine Laptop Userís Guide
Telemedicine Userís Guide
Telesteth Quick Start Guide 2013
Total Exam2 Manual Excerpt 1
Total Exam2 Manual Excerpt 2


Sharepoint MUSC only
Exchange E-Mail MUSC only
CPOE Physician Quick Reference
Moodle Rooms MUSC only
Rutledge Tower Outpatient Sample Listing
Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

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