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Tech. Workshop
python workshop

Have you heard of Python? Would you like to find out what it is or how you could utilize it? Please come to EL437 on the 4th floor of the MUSC Library for a hands on intro to coding Python. Presented by MUSC Libraries LIGHT(Libraries investigating gadgets and health technologies) Project To ensure your spot [ register ahead of time ]

New Service

ILLiad is Here!

Welcome to a new and improved Interlibrary Loan experience.

Our new Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Management System (ILLiad) will allow you to submit requests, view the status of outstanding requests, retrieve requested articles, and view a history of your past requests all in one place.

[ ILLiad ]

Catalog Upgrade
PASCAL Delivers

Due to MUSC Library's migration to an upgraded library catalog, our users' access to PASCAL Delivers will be suspended after 5/20/16. Service should resume when the new system goes live in August 2016. Users with books currently checked out will be able to keep them for the duration of their loan, but will not be able to renew. Book requests for research, education, or clinical needs should be made through your ILLiad interlibrary loan account. For leisure reading needs, please contact your local public library. Questions? Please email

Featured Resource

The Library has a subscription to AccessPharmacy. AccessPharmacy is an online curricular resource designed to meet the needs of pharmacy education. It contains the full text of 30 pharmacy, drug information and pharmacology textbooks including Dipiro’s Pharmacotherapy: a pathophysiologic approach, Goldfrank’s Toxicological Emergencies, and Essentials of Toxicology. The case files provide pharmacotherapy, pathophysiology and pharmacology cases. Drug Monographs are from Gold Standard. There are also videos, self-assessment tools and patient education handouts.

[ AccessPharmacy ]

Featured Resource
Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination

The library is pleased to announce the availability of Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination. The Visual Guide delivers 18 head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques - over 8 hours of content. By clicking on the subject of interest you will be able to see the available videos in each section. One can view all the videos in the section or individual ones of interest. In addition, there are 10 OSCE clinical skills videos covering such topics as sore throat and cough.

[ Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination ]

Featured Resource
Access Medicine

The library has a one year trial to the AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection. There are over 1,170 case files in 22 basic science and clinical medical specialties. This is more comprehensive than the case files found in AccessMedicine.

[ AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection ]

Featured Resource

ProQuest Health Management Database

Health Management is a database that provides access to approximately 800 fulltext journals covering hospitals, insurance, law, statistics, business and personnel management, health economics, ethics and public health administration. It also includes references to dissertations and theses.

[ ProQuest Health Management Database ]

Featured Resource

SpringerProtocols is the largest subscription-based online database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the biomedical and life sciences. Compiling protocols from the book series Methods in Molecular Biology and other sources, SpringerProtocols offers researchers access to nearly thirty years of tested, trusted, step-by-step protocols for immediate use in the lab. With an emphasis on comprehensiveness and clarity, each protocol is organized in an easily reproducible recipe style. Protocols are written by experts in the field and are reviewed by editors distinguished in their specific subject areas, as well as by our prestigious editorial board. SpringerProtocols is an invaluable resource for the modern research laboratory.

[ SpringerProtocols ]

Featured Resource
AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection

AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection

The library has a one year trial to the AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection. There are over 1,170 case files in 22 basic science and clinical medical specialties. This is more comprehensive than the case files found in AccessMedicine.

[ AccessMedicine’s Case Files Collection ]

Featured Resource
Stahl Online

Stahl Online

Stahl Online provides access to neuropsychopharmacological drug information. Students and faculty in the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing will find this resource helpful. It provides full access to 11 of Dr. Stephen Stahl’s neuropsychopharmacology books including Essential Psychopharmacology (4th ed) and the Prescriber's Guide (5th ed.). It also has case studies, illustrated guides and a drug interactions database.

[ Stahl Online ]

New Exhibit
1955 Hospital

"Building a Medical Center: The Construction of the 1955 Medical College Hospital"
In honor of the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Medical College Hospital, the MUSC Waring Historical Library announces the opening of a new web exhibit:

[ Building a Medical Center: The Construction of the 1955 Medical College Hospital ]

4th Floor Construction
New Carpet

The 4th Floor is now open!

Featured Resource
The Chronicle of Higher Education

We now have a site license for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Bellow are instructions on how to access it.

The Chronicle of Higher Education is the No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.

The Chronicle is published every weekday and is the top destination for news, advice, and jobs for people in academe. The Chronicle's Web site features the complete contents of the latest issue; daily news and advice columns; thousands of current job listings; an archive of previously published content; vibrant discussion forums; and career-building tools such as online CV management, salary databases, and more.

[ Access to The Chronicle of Higher Education ]

Featured Resource
Natural Medicines Comprehensive

Natural Medicines Comprehensive

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which is made available by MUSC Pharmacy Services provides nformation on over 90,000 herbal products, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic medicines, complementary alternative medicines, integrative therapies, alternative treatment modalities (e.g., acupuncture), traditional Chinese medicines (fixed combination) products, and other natural remedies

[ Find out more about Natural Medicines Comprehensive ]

Featured Mobile App.

Mobile App Access?

LexiComp is a point of care drug information product that includes drug summaries, a drug interaction checker,medical calculators and more. The LexiComp mobile app for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 is now available. Go to Lexicomp (website not app) and select “Mobile App Access” from upper-right corner. Select your device platform and “existing customer” or new as appropriate. Follow Lexi-Comp’s instructions. Update all databases in mobile app.

[ Find out more about LexiComp ]

Featured Resource
Trip database

What is Trip?

Trip is a clinical search engine designed to allow users to quickly and easily find and use high-quality research evidence to support their practice and/or care.

"Find Evidence Fast"

[ Find out more about Trip ]

Student Appreciation
Food Truck Calendar
Food Trucks on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 11am-2pm, food trucks park at the horseshoe outside the library. To find out which truck will be coming, check for signs in library as well as the MUSC Library Facebook page.

[ See more about Food Trucks and Wired Wednesday ]

Lost Requests
iii down

Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Due to a technical issue, Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Article and Book Requests submitted between approximately 8PM on Thursday, June 25th and 11:00 AM on Friday, June 26th have been lost. If you submitted a request during this time, please resubmit your request. If you are uncertain as to the time of your request submission, please call us at 792-8328 or 792-8332 and we'll check to see if we have your request.

Water Outage
No Water

No Water

July 18th, 7am - 12pm in the Education Center and Library.

The nearest restrooms are located in the hospital

Closed to the Public

Holiday Hours

Library will be closed to the public July 3rd and 4th Students will have card access. .

[ See more about Holiday Hours ]

New Library Service

It is official. The Library has the SCANNX scanner

[ Learn more about our SCANNX service ]

Memorial Day

Student card access only. ( Closed to the Public )

[ Holiday Hours ]

ECL Building Exterior Repair Project
Construction Kickoff

Project Website

Purpose: To seal the windows, repair cracks, paint and pressure wash the building.

The new project to repair the exterior of the library  will consist of washing the exterior of the building, repairing any exterior concrete damage, painting the building and replacing building joint sealants.  The windows will have the old seals removed and replaced.

Project start date: January 19, 2015     Anticipated Project End date: May 8, 2015

Contractors will work Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 5:30 pm.   Week-end work will be scheduled if necessary. 

All work, (with the exception of the three windows scheduled to be replaced near the connector on the South/Hospital Side of the building) will be accomplished from the outside of the building via two swing stages.  

[Learn more about the project]

HVAC 3rd & 4th floors Renovation Project
Construction Kickoff

Project Website

Purpose: To stabilize heating & AC in the Library.
No more blankets, gloves and knit hats to survive a study session on the third floor.

During the next year, the heating and AC systems for the library's 3rd and 4th floors will be updated. The results will be a greatly improved and more comfortable environment for study and work. The 3rd floor requires complete system redesign and replacement, a new lighting system, and a new ceiling. The work on the 3rd floor will be done in 2 phases, each lasting 4-6 months. During each phase, half the floor will be unavailable for use. Work on the 4th floor will not be as extensive, but areas of the floor will be off-limits for a few days at a time as work above the ceiling is done. Check this site for project announcements and timelines as we move forward.

[Learn more about the project]

Student Appreciation
Free Coffee

Wired Wednesdays

Students stop by the 2nd floor Service Desk for FREE Coffee & Snacks Wednesdays 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM.
Provided by Food Truck proceeds

Student Technology Support Services (STSS)
Student Technology Support Service

Student Technology Support Services (STSS)

Laptop & smartphone configurations & repair focusing on; Wireless configuration, Exchange e-mail set-up,Virus support.

[ Find out more about STSS ]

Construction News

I need a Print Journal

Users cannot get to the print/bound journals for the next few months.

Library staff will get what you need.

[Click here to fill out a request form.]

Featured Resource
SciVerse Scopus

New Database!
SciVerse Scopus.

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature. It covers the world's research in the fields of science, technology, medicine and social sciences. Scopus indexes over 20,000 peer-reviewed journals (all of PubMed and over 2,600 open access journals), 390 trade publications, 370 book series, 5.5 million conference papers and "Articles-in-Press" from more than 3,850 journals.

Multiple articles can be bulk-retrieved (downloaded) in .pdf format. Individual authors are assigned an identification number associated with their institution (author affiliation ID).

Scopus also provides citation data (who has cited a paper), the H-index for authors, and journal impact metrics.

[ Find out more about SciVerse Scopus ]

Featured Resource
Womens Health Resources

Women’s Health Resources

Created in a partnership between the National Library of Medicine Outreach and Special Populations Branch and the National Institutes of Health Office of Research on Women’s Health. The purpose is to present topics pertaining to women’s health collected to support the mission of the Office of Research on Women’s Health to promote research in the field.

Using the 2012 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Priorities for Women’s Health and Sex Differences Research, health topics, research initiatives and overarching themes were identified. Within each section you will find a topic with links to resources which were selected based upon their relevance and authority for the specific topic..

[ Find out more about Women’s Health Resources ]

Featured Resource
LexiComp mobile

Lexi-Comp (mobile app)

Lex-Comp provides drug monographs on drugs used in the United States and the World. The monographs provide FDA-approved and non-FDA approved use, mechanism of action, indications, contr-indications, adverse effects, drug interactions, dosage and administration, pharmacodynamics / pharmacokinetics, dietary considerations, medication safety issues, and practice guideline links.

[ Find out more about Lexi-Comp (mobile app) ]

Featured Resource
Retraction Watch

Retraction Watch

Tracking article retractions as a window into the scientific process.

[ Find out more about Retraction Watch ]

Featured Lecture
Knights Hospitallers

Joseph I. Waring Lecture and Annual Meeting

Dr. Charles Bagwell will be the speaker for the 2013 Joseph I. Waring Jr. Lecture and Waring Library Society Annual Meeting. Dr. Bagwell will present his talk, "The Legacy of the Knights Hospitallers and the Chimborazo Hospital" on Wednesday, April 3, 2032 at 5:30 p.m. in theDrug Discovery Building Auditorium. A reception will followin the Porcher Medicinal Garden.

[ Find out more about the Joseph I. Waring Lecture and Annual Meeting ]

Featured Resource

VisualDX is a clinical support software that enables rapid and accurate diagnosis to 1,200 visually identifiable diseases, drug interactions and infections.

Featured Resource

Where can I find US statistics?

FedStats, provides access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic.

Featured Resource

Medical Mnemonics are useful tools to help remember details. MM is a free database of helpful mnemonics. You can even add your own! Includes free PDA/phone downloads.

Mobile Device Workshop
Mobile device workshop

Mobile Device workshop: clinical information tools

Join us on Thursday, January 17 from noon-1pm in Library/Colbert Education Center room 405 while we teach you about clinical apps (e.g., DynaMed, Visual Dx, Qx Calculate, Draw MD, Lexi-Comp and more). Bring your lunch and mobile device!

[ Mobile Device Apps and Websites ]

Featured Event
Mobile device workshop

Mobile Device workshop: productivity apps

Join us on Thursday, December 6 from noon-1pm in Library/Colbert Education Center room 437 while we teach you about productivity apps (e.g., Dropbox, Evernote, iAnnotate) for your phone/tablet!

[ Library Class Registration ]

Featured Resource

NAP - National Academies Press Books and Reports

Reports issued by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. Titles are available for free pdf download.

Exhibit & Garden
Porcher medicinal Garden

Porcher Medicinal Garden: Cultivating our History

The MUSC Porcher Medicinal Garden is a living tribute to MUSC alumnus and professor Dr. Francis Peyre Porcher (1825-1895).

Mobile device workshop
Mobile device workshop

Join us for a mobile device workshop on Thursday, November 8 from noon-1pm in Library/Colbert Education Center room 405! Bring your lunch and phone/tablet. We will demo free and library-provided mobile apps.

[ Mobile Device Apps and Websites ]

PASCAL Delivers
PASCAL Delivers

You can have books from any SC academic library delivered to you at MUSC Library. PASCAL Delivers will send you up to 25 books you can keep for up to 6 weeks.

Featured Resource

The Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE, is dedicated to accelerating biological, medical, chemical and physical research by elucidating techniques through a combination of peer reviewed video and text. NOTE: MUSC SUBSCRIBES ONLY TO THE JoVE GENERAL SECTION.

Exhibit and Programs
Yellow Wall-Paper

The Literature of Prescription: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and "Yellow Wall-Paper"

“This exhibit offers us opportunities not only to learn about gender inequalities of the late 19 th century, but also to reexamine current notions of health and health care that may contribute to disparities and inequalities for various populations.”

August 26 to October 6

[ Exhibit Information ]

Book Signing Event
Othersen book signing

Centuries of Care in Charleston County

Meet Author, Historian and Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Surgery at MUSC, H. Biemann Othersen, Jr. MD

Thursday June 14

[ View Event on Facebook ]

Lockers Due
Library Lockers

MUSC Students,
Lockers will be due Thursday May 3rd. Please remove all personal items and leave the lock on the locker. All items left in lockers will be held at the 4th floor services desk for pick up though Friday May 10th.

Lockers for Summer semester will be available Monday May 7th beginning at 7:30am..

Online exhibit
St Lukes

"Birth and Rebirth: A History of St. Luke's Chapel."
This exhibit tells the fascinating story of the chapel, from its origins as a federal arsenal, to its transformation into a chapel for the Porter Military Academy, and to its restoration after Hurricane Hugo.

A physical version of this exhibit is also available in the Bridal Room of St. Luke's Chapel.

Natural Standard (trial access)
Natural Standard

Natural Standard provides high quality evidence-based or consensus -based information about dietary supplements and natural therapies. The Library has access to this complementary and alternative therapies database through April 30.

Waring Lecture: AIDS at 30
Aids at 30

The Joseph I. Waring Jr. Lecture will take place at 5:30pm, on Thursday, April 5, in the Basic Sciences Auditorium. Former NIH Office of History Director, Dr. Victoria A. Harden will present her talk, "AIDS at 30: Responding to the Pandemic of Our Time."

This lecture is free and open to the public.

A reception will follow at the Wickliffe House.

For more information, please contact the [[451]].

tech fair is coming
Tech Fair 2012

Technology Fair from April 2 - 4 Vendors - Food - Presentations - Prizes

Keynote: Your Brain On Improv: You Can't Make This Up Greg Tavares

WIN the NEW iPad

Women's history month
MUSC women

Opening Doors: Women at the Medical University of South Carolina.

This web exhibit highlights MUSC women who, as health care pioneers, opened doors to others.

Black History Month
McClennan Banks

In honor of Black History Month the Waring Historical Library has launched a new web site commemorating the McClennan-Banks hospital and training school.

Come see the newly renovated 3rd floor.
3rd floor furniture installation

The 3rd floor’s newly renovated space contains more comfortable and inviting furniture, new computers, work spaces and more. See the construction page for details or come by and see for yourself.

Simplifed Logins
Ref Works

MUSC has partnered with RefWorks to allow MUSC users to login with their Net ID's. This will simplify access for new users and existing users of RefWorks.

[ Find out more about Refworks ]

Trial Access
Scupos Trial

The MUSC Library has a trial of Scopus through Febuary 5th Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.

UpToDate available off campus

You will be prompted for your NetID login and password whether you are on-campus or off-campus. If you have not set up an UpToDate account, you will prompted to do this before you will be able to search.

[ More about UpToDate off campus ]

3rd Floor Furniture Installation
3rd floor furniture installation

Starting Dec. 19th the 3rd floor will be CLOSED for the installation of new furniture. The floor is expected to reopen midday Thursday, see the library construction page for details.

3rd Floor Renovation
3rd floor construction

New electrical circuits will be installed beginning Saturday, Dec 17 at 5 am. The 3rd floor will be CLOSED beginning Sunday Dec. 18. See floor layout for work areas.

3rd Floor Renovation
3rd floor construction

Stop by the 3rd floor and plug your laptop into one of the two new 55" monitors available for your use.

Over the summer, the 3rd floor of the Colbert Education Center and Library has been undergoing a major transformation. Follow this link to find out what's in the works and what it means for you

WebMakers; web development at MUSC

HTML5 + CSS3 web development presentation; Once you really understand HTML5, you'll change the way you think about the web.

September 28 | 2pm - 3pm

Library room 405

Waring Library web exhibit
Charleston Earthquake

Faults and Fractures: the medical response to the Charleston earthquake of 1886.

This exhibit highlights the public health response to the largest earthquake to strike the east coast of the U.S. in recorded history..

Student Activies, Library Services & Volunteer Fair
MUSC at your finger tips

MUSC at your Finger Tips. Come find out how to become involved on campus!

Students sign up to win an iPad.

MUSC Horseshoe Wednesday, September 7th 11:30am - 1:15pm

MUSC Pictorial History Book- NOW AVAILABLE!
MUSC History

The Waring Historical Library announces the publication of a pictorial history book on MUSC.

A fascinating selection of photographs that tell the story of not just the University but also the people who have improved the health of South Carolinians for nearly two centuries. Campus History Series: Medical University of South Carolina provides a visual journey through the history of each of the six colleges.

For more information, please contact the library at or 843-792-2288.

WebMakers; web development at MUSC

Mobile web development presentation; The Web is Mobile

July 27 | 2pm - 3pm

Library room 405

Trial Access

The MUSC Library has a trial of PsychiatryOnline through June (on campus only). PsychiatryOnline is a web-based portal that features DSM-IV-TR the most widely used psychiatric reference in the world and The American Journal of Psychiatry as the cornerstones of their collection.

Trial Access

The MUSC Library has a trial of the R2 Digital Library through June 3, 2011.This Digital Library has more than 2,200 resources available in medicine, nursing and allied health. Full text access is available for all titles.

Power Outage
Power Outage

Due to the Computer Room Outage, May 14th 7:00pm - 15th 7:00am, many resources such as e-journals, medical databases, evidence-based medicine tools, etc. will be unavailable off campus. To a lesser degree some services will also be unavailable on campus.

[ more information on the Computer Room Outage ]

FREE Trial

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) is available as a FREE trial for the month of April. No password is needed from the MUSC campus. Off-campus access not available for the trial.

Faculty of 1000 (F1000) identifies and evaluates the most important articles in biology and medical research publications. The selection process comprises a peer-nominated global 'Faculty' of the world's leading scientists and clinicians who rate the best of the articles they read and explain their importance.

Patron Apprecaition
Hello BBQ

Come and get your BBQ in the MUSC Horseshoe
Wednesday, 11am to 2pm
Invited by the Learning Commons

Joseph I. Waring, Jr. Lecture and Annual Meeting
Columbus DaVega

Dr. Ray Greenberg will present his talk: Columbus DaVega; Out of the Shadows of History

Tuesday, April 5th at 5:30 in the BSB Auditorium
FREE and Open to the public. Reception will follow at the Wickliffe House. For more information, please contact the library at or 843-792-2288.

FREE Journals Trial
Free journal access

Dentistry & Oral Sciences as well as GIDEON will be available on a trial basis until March 31st.

New Classroom / Study room
Classroom 439

Check out the New room 439 and let us know what you think.

Please leave comments on the white board in 439 or by emailing Robbie Weaver or by just stopping by his office in 426.

FREE Journal trial

informa healthcare

Available on campus MUSC faculty, staff, and students have complimentary access to our entire collection of informa online healthcare journals. This trial will run until March 7, 2011.

ScienceDirect scheduled downtime
Science Direct

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) journals will be unavailable February 26, 8 AM - 8 PM.

Top titles affected include; The Lancet, Journal of Immunological Methods, Cell, The Lancet Oncology, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA), etc...

High Performance Computing Workshop
High Performance Computing

Desktop to Petascale: High Performance Computing
Getting Started Workshop

February 15-16-17

This workshop will be a hands-on opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of HPC.There will also be opportunities for specific one-on-one counseling for researchers with specific questions relating to active or pending research that would benefit from HPC.

Wired Wednesday Workshop

Using iGoogle and Google Reader.
February 2, 2011
12 Noon - 1 PM
Library, Room 440

Adobe Acrobatics

A training session in Adobe Acrobat.
January 19, 2011
12 Noon - 1 PM
Room 405, Colbert Education Center and Library

Service of the Month
Phone Charger

Looking for a secure place to leave your phone or iPod to charge?

The Digital-E located at the Library's fourth floor services now provides this service. Available during staffed hours. (Your personal changer is required)

Ask a Librarian
Instant Messaging

LIVE chat!

You can chat with a librarian through Meebo. Our screen name is . Add to your buddy list. If you dont have an instant messaging acount, just use the icon below when icon is green.

Instant Messenger

Check out the Librarys new hardware
Digital-E iPads

iPads are now available for student check out!

Other items added to our collection of devices for check out include; iPod touches, HD flip video cameras, and Kindles.

[ Find out more about our Digital-E ]

What is EDUpalooza?

On September 15th The Colbert Education Center and Library will be hosting EDUpalooza. EDUpalooza will be a fun and informative event for new and current students to learn more about campus student services and the Library all in one location. There will be food, games, vendors of computer hardware, software and mobile devices, a scavenger hunt, prizes, and a live band.

[ Find out more about EduPalooza ]

Patron Apprecaition
Jacks Cosmic Dogs

Come and get your Jack's Comic Dogs in the horseshoe Wednesday 11a.m. - 2p.m. Presented by the Learning Commons

Assessment of Library Instruction

MUSC Librarians believe in your academic, clinical, and research success. We are asking for your feedback to improve instructional session geared toward you. Please take 5 minutes to complete the short survey that will aid us in developing better instructional courses.

[ Complete our Assessment ]