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NIH Public Access

Complying with the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy: Copyright considerations and options
(Michael W. Carroll)
A joint SPARC / Science Commons / ARL White Paper that "explores the copyright-related issues involved with the new NIH Public Access Policy." "This White Paper explains and analyzes only the scope of the grantee's copyright-related obligations ...and suggests six options for compliance..." Appendices include a suggested cover letter for author journal submissions and an analysis of selected biomedical publishers' copyright policies.
NIH Public Access
(National Institutes of Health)
This site explains the NIH Public Access Policy that ensures public access to published results of NIH-funded research. The policy requires that articles be available on PubMed Central within 12 months of publication (in compliance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008). This site includes information about how to comply, including how to ensure that copyright agreements with publishers allow the article to be submitted to NIH and how to submit articles. There is an FAQ section, a list of journals that submit articles directly to PubMed Central, and other background information.
NIH Manuscript Submission System
(National Institutes of Health)
This is the Website scientists must use to submit articles to PubMed Central, in compliance with the 2007 federal law requiring that NIH provide public access to its funded research. The siteprovides a variety of Web-based tools to assist users who are navigating this submission system. These tools are primarily slide shows demonstrating various tasks in a step-by-step fashion and are illustrated with screen captures. There are also FAQs and an e-mail address to submit questions or comments about the NIH Public Access Policy.
Skill Kit: NIH Manuscript Submission System - Get the Help You Need
(National Library of Medicine)
This brief article from the Jan-Feb 2008 NLM Technical Bulletin provides an overview of the NIH Public Access policy, which became law in 2007. In addition to background information, there are links to Websites about the policy, the manuscript submission system, a list of journals that submits articles directly to PubMed Central,and an e-mail address for submitting questions.