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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property: Policies and Procedures
(Foundation for Research Development. MUSC)
Governs the assignment of rights and proceeds from the marketing of tangible products of intellectual work: scholarly publications, drugs, devices, etc. This policy governs works that were created or reduced to practice on or after May 15, 2008. Earlier works are governed by the policy found in Section 10.04 of the 2007 edition of the MUSC Faculty Handbook.
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MUSC Foundation for Research Development
(Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC))
"...the Foundation develops, administers, and otherwise facilitates selected industry sponsored education and research projects and manages the intellectual property, technology transfer, and other economic development-related activities of MUSC." Find links to a downloadable Copyright Disclosure Form and the MUSC Intellectual Property Policy by selecting For Faculty.
MUSC Intellectual Property Policy
(Chip Hood, JD. Executive Director, MUSC Foundation for Research Development)
Videorecording of a seminar about MUSC's IP policy for faculty, staff and students (recording from June 20, 2008). Chip Hood, Executive Director of the Foundation for Research Development, is an attorney and intellectual property/copyright expert.