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FAQs Photos of people on campus

This question focuses on the issue of permission for use of photographs taken here at MUSC (or of MUSC sponsored events). 1. When do we need to get a permission signed in order to use a photograph and/or video (whether it's of a patient, student, faculty member, staff, etc.)? 2. If we take a photograph or video in a class, do we need permission from each student in the class? 3. What if we take a photograph/video of a campus scene that includes employees/students/faculty, etc. (e.g., during the Fat Tuesday celebration in the horseshoe)?

  • From Joe Good, University Counsel: You have raised an issue of "privacy". In reality, the group we should be most sensitive to is pictures and videos of patients. Other type do not present the potential problems that patients do. Having said that, I will attempt to answer your inquiries: 1. It is the better approach to get a release/consent signed any time you take an identifiable picture of anyone which you intend to publish. 2. Technically, any student you can identify should be asked to sign a release. 3. Pictures at social events and Student Government events etc. usually do not require any type of release.