The MUSC Library provides carrels for students, faculty, residents and staff to use library materials and to study. Carrels are provided to the public for use of MUSC library materials.

Carrel users should clear the carrels of all non-MUSC library materials when they leave for the day.

Library staff will clear carrels of all personal materials left between midnight and 7:30 A.M. Personal materials left in carrels will be brought to the 4th floor service desk. They will be kept for one week. If the library can identify the owner of the materials, they will be contacted.

Carrel Checkout

A limited number of carrels will be made available on the 3rd and 4th floors of the library to MUSC students for the semester. To be considered for a carrel please complete the Library Carrel Checkout Application. This application is only available the first few days of the semester. An email announcing the availability of the online application will be sent at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. If there are more applications than there are carrels a lottery will be conducted to determine who gets a carrel. (see Carrel Checkout Priorities below for specifics)

Carrel Checkout Policies

Carrels are made available for the semester to students who will be studying in the carrel a minimum of twenty hours a week and a minimum of two hours a night (after 7 PM) five nights a week.

Only library materials and student's study materials may be left in the carrel when they leave for the day. Some student materials must be left in the carrel at all times.

Library book carts may be used to transport materials to a carrel.

Carrel Checkout Priorities

If more applications are received than carrels available, first year and second year students who are primarily in class (versus extensive clinical rotations) will be given priority. If more applications from first year and second year students who are primarily in class than carrels available a lottery method will be used to determine who gets a carrel. The library will keep a waiting list if a carrel becomes available.

Every effort will be made to assign a student to their preferred location.


All students who apply will be notified via email. Procedures will be outlined in the email. Students will sign an agreement that indicates they agree to adhere to the carrel checkout policies. Failure to adhere to the policies will result in forfeiture of the carrel.

Problem Resolution

The Library Staff and the MUSC SGA's VP for Academic Affairs will work in close conjunction to look at and resolve problems or unforeseen situations that arise. These may include, but are not limited to, carrel checkout eligibility, carrel checkout priorities and non-adherence to policies.