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Covers clinical medicine and basic medical sciences with a collection of books,a self-assesment tool, differential diagnosis (Diagnosaurus), updates, drug information and practice guidelines. Full text. Provided by the MUSC Library.
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MUSC only
DynaMed is a clinical information resource, created for use at point of care. The articles cover information about the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis for conditions and diseases, and are evidence based, with references to the evidence sited.
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UpToDate is a comprehensive clinical information resource now available for MUSC physicians through the MUSC Library. The topic reviews are written exclusively for UpToDate by physicians for physicians - nearly 3,000 physicians serve as authors. The content is comprehensive yet concise and fully referenced.
Medscape provides access to 6,500 Board-Certified authored overviews of clinical conditions. In addition to these overviews, it provides differential daignosis,PharmD-authored drug treatment information and follow-up as appropriate. You will need to register to access the complete Medscape
MUSC eBooks
MedicalStudent.com's Medical Textbooks
Medical textbooks and other e-texts on subjects from Anatomy to Wilderness Medicine. Some are collections of articles written specifically as an e-text; others are older editions of standard texts such as the 1917 ed. of Gray's Anatomy.