Library Consortia and other Cooperative Agreements

Through library consortia and other cooperative agreements, the MUSC Library combines resources to provide as many information sources as possible to the MUSC community.


Organizations/Agreements Benefits
National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) under the auspices of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Provides access to the collections of ALL academic health center libraries in the US and Canada
The Science Information Group (ESIG) of Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive research (EPSCoR) Enables our researchers who participate in the National Science Foundation (NSF) programs to share research-oriented databases
Assists with joint purchases of full-text journals between research libraries nationwide


Organizations/Agreements Benefits
Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET) Allows for the purchase of library resources and services at a discounted price
Offers training and continuing education workshops for library staff
Southeastern Atlantic Regional Medical Library Service (SE/ARMLS) Arranges for the sharing of collections and databases between 34 medical school libraries in the Southeastern Atlantic States
Sponsors special community outreach projects and professional development
Consortium of Southern Biomedical Sciences Libraries, Inc. (CONBLS) Provides a contractual arrangement for sharing collections, cooperative acquisitions, professional development, and consultation


Organizations/Agreements Benefits
MUSC Library and USC Medical Library cooperation Members of the MUSC community can search the catalog of books and journals at USC through our MUSC Library catalog
The MUSC Library reference staff can perform searches on specialized databases through a resource sharing agreement
The Library staff contributes to joint projects such as BRIN, Hands-on-Health, and community outreach
Digital Information for South Carolina Users (DISCUS), administered by The South Carolina SC State Library Provides access to 9 popular information resources, including Expanded Academic Index and LegalTrac
Partnership Among SC Academic Libraries (PASCAL) The MUSC Library works with all SC institutions of higher learning (public & private) for shared resources, joint purchases and coordination of leadership issues
Library Director's Forum (LDF) of the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education (CHE) General planning, statewide borrowers cards (for faculty and students), and other cooperative programs for publicly supported colleges and universities
Science Direct Project Provides over 1,500 full-text journals via a joint purchase by USC, Clemson, MUSC, College of Charleston and others
AHEC Information System (AHEC-IS) Health care providers in all five regions of the South Carolina AHEC program receive electronic information, document delivery, reference support and education


Organizations/Agreements Benefits
Charleston Academic Libraries Consortium (CALC)  MUSC faculty, staff and students may borrow directly from local libraries with their MUSC ID card
 Other benefits include sharing of databases, internet connections, and professional education for Charleston area libraries
Ft. Johnson Cooperative Agreement  All cooperative institutions, including MUSC faculty and students, have access to the databases on site at the Ft. Johnson Marine Lab through an agreement between MUSC, the College of Charleston, and the agencies working at this facility
Bioengineering Program Memorandum of Understanding. Clemson University and Medical University of South Carolina  Allows for targeted faculty and students to use library resources in both institutions

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