International Statistics

DOLPHN, Data Online for Population, Health and Nutrition
(USAID From the American People)
Selected demographic and health indicators from several countries.
Guide to Statistical Information at WHO
(World Health Organization)
International Programs
(U.S. Census Bureau)
Contains statistical tables of demographic data for 228 countries and areas of the world.
International Justice Statistics
( U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs)
Links to National Health-Related Websites
(World Health Organization)
Online Sources of International Statistics
(University of Maryland, University Libraries)
Covers world wide topics including health, environmental issues, population, education, food and agriculture and other topics. Some full text.Availble from your MUSC Library via the United Nations Statistical Division.
UNESCO Institute for Statistics
Includes statistics on education, science, technology, culture and communication.
United Nations Population Information Network
United Nations Statistics Division
Includes international economic, demographic & social, and environment & energy statistics.
WHO Global Infobase Online
(World Health Organization)
Data on chronic diseases and their risk factors for all WHO member states
WHO Mortality Database: Tables
(World Health Organization)
WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS) Core Health Indicators
(World Health Organization)
Found in the middle of the page of "A guide to statistical information at WHO." Allows construction of tables for any combination of countries, indicators and years.
MUSC only
World Data Analyst
(Encyclopedia Britannica)
Provides statistics on countries of the world. Allows the creation of tables and graphs, including those that compare countries using various measures.