Dr. Robert W. Ogilive

MUSC only
CELL-609: Medical Histology and Embryology
(College of Medicine: Dr. Robert W. Ogilvie)
This course presents the development of the human from conception to birth, and the microscopic architecture of the human body. Two major goals for the course are 1) that the student will gain a working knowledge of developmental processes including terminology with an awareness of when and where developmental malformations may occur, 2) that the a level of knowledge of microscopic architecture will be achieved so that the student will be able to visualize the architecture of each tissue and organ system down to the cellular and subcellular level. This course requires password and registration as a student enrolled in the College of Medicine to enter officially as a student. Visitors to the course are welcome. Click on the course name which will take you to a welcome page that includes information on how to gain access as a guest. If you have any questions about the course, or, after visiting the course you have any comments please contact Dr. Ogilvie via email (ogilvieb@musc.edu).