HIDE - MedMentor

A program for Clinical Faculty, Preceptors, and Facilitators who work with MUSC Students

The MedMentor Faculty Liaison provides informational services, direction, and guidance related to Library and Informatics resources available to MUSC clinical faculty, preceptors, and facilitators involved in community-based educational programs. Clinical faculty and health professionals throughout the state who participate in the teaching programs of MUSC, whether or not they are employed by MUSC, are eligible for benefits including Library privileges, an MUSC Network Account, and access to electronic resources. As a direct line of contact for educational or technical support, available via phone or email, the Liaison fosters a sense of unity between the geographically distant professional and the University environment.

Please contact Bob Poyer (843) 792-2892 or poyerrk@musc.edu for more information.