Computer Printing and Photocopying

The Library offers computer printing on the 2nd, 3rd floor and 4th floors and self-service photocopying on the 2nd and 3rd floors. One needs a GoPrint card for computer printing and either a GoPrint card or cash to photocopy.

GoPrint Cards:
GoPrint Cards can be purchased for $1 from a vending machine on either the 2nd or 4th floors or by check, credit card ($5.00 minimum) or IIT ($20.00 minimum) at the 4th floor service desk. Value may be added at the vending machine. There is no extra cost for the GoPrint card. For $1 you get a dollar�s worth of printing/copying.

Cost for Computer Printing:

Cost for Photocopying:

The cards should be treated like any other bank or credit card. If the magnetic card strip is scratched or warped, it will not be read properly by the copier or printers. Damaged cards and copy value will not be replaced.

Please write your name on the card. Occasionally cards are left in the copiers, and may be turned in at any public service desk. Check there, also, if you have misplaced your card.

Value may be added to the card at any of the copiers if cash is used. Instructions are on the copiers. If payment is by check, credit card, IIT or departmental charge, value may be added at the Service Desk on the 4th floor. Any value on the card is automatically erased when value is added at the Circulation Desk.

Grant holders, researchers, or departments expecting to use the copiers for extended periods may request a limit card for a higher number of copies when paying with IIT. These cards will be issued with the number of copies encoded, rather than the monetary value. Contact Sonia Castellano to request a "limit" card at 792-6306 or 792-2381.

* Photocopying policies differ for the Waring Historical Library collections. Contact the Waring Historical Library and Archives at 792-2288 for further information on special collections copying policies.