Login to Good Citations!

Good Citations! is a program created by the MUSC Library to alert you to the latest articles on your subject, by particular authors, or in specific journals.

Good Citations!:

  • searches recent updates to PubMed
  • sends you e-mail alerts for the latest articles on your topic
  • lets you select the search frequency—monthly, weekly, even daily
  • saves your search and keeps it easily accessible
  • offers citations in tagged format for EndNote, ProCite, RefMan, etc.
  • links to cited journals owned by the MUSC Library
Good Citations! finds the most recent articles only. For any search requiring more than the last month's articles, please use PubMed or Ovid Medline. This service is available to MUSC faculty, staff and students only.

For more information about Good Citations! please contact the MUSC Library Reference Librarians at 792-2372.